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The Saudi post's history goes back to before the establishment of Saudi Arabia. Before King Abdul Aziz entered Riyadh in 1898, some shop owners already provided voluntary postal services. White fabric bags were placed at the Justice Square (Al-Safa) labeled with the city or village name
Saudi Research & Marketing Group SRMG
SRMG is a business commercial company which was founded under the Companies Law of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is a Riyadh based company with headquarters in the Motamarat District at the Makka - Takhassosi intersection. The Group's commercial activity in the aspect of providing distinguished project management software and seo services and products is achieved through the issuing of daily newspapers, weekly and monthly magazines and periodicals, as well as books.

Being the best in web design

If you want to be the best in web design here are some tips to use in your every-day life as a designer. Remember about your audience. Keep the users in mind at all times. They are your target, without them your web site is wasting space on the Internet. Get them hooked and keep their interest. Quality, style and professionalism will do the trick. Keep navigation simple. Make sure your pages load fast for different types of connections. If your users get lost make it easy to get 'Home' and include a menu on every page so the user can enter any part of your site without starting from scratch. Include navigation menus both at the top and the bottom if your pages are long. Make the menu and the hierarchy of information on your site clear to the user. Create pages that will work universally well in different browsers. There is nothing more annoying than having to download a new browser to view the site properly. Try to build design layouts that will look great in any resolution and any size screen. Take care of your content and make your site readable. Hire professional hotel website designers to render help as well. If you follow these tips every day, you will grow to be a recognizable and reputable professional. And in case you need quality document translation - we can also do it without any delay!

Direct Marketing and media production Services DMS
DMS was established in Jeddah in January 2000. Within two years of its establishment, the company's sales and organization had grown by 300%. By the third year of its establishment, DMS had acquired the largest amount of call center setups and roll-outs. Today, DMS is the largest direct marketing agency in the Gulf region, with fully equipped offices and operations centers in both Jeddah and Dubai. DMS is also the proud owner of some of the regions finest state of the art telephony, project management tool and data solutions.